I am a born and bred South African. Ours is a country of magnificent natural beauty, especially the Winelands area where I grew up, near Cape Town. 

As a child of four, however, I had a chance encounter with the polio virus.

This event did play a part in my decision to study medicine. After qualifying as an Anaesthesiologist at the  University of Stellenbosch, I moved to George, a town in the beautiful Garden Route area, where I have been running my own practice ever since.

A surgical theatre is often a place of high tension. One is acutely aware of how fragile the human body is ... how thin the line between life and death. How is it possible to not be affected by the devastation caused by a traffic accident? Or the broken body of a child? Or a victim of gang violence?

My way of dealing with this?
I create art. When life is showing me all these jagged edges,      I create art. Glass is a fascinating medium: extremely fragile, but also surprisingly strong! My art mostly consists of images created on glass, using liquid enamels and glass powders, which is then heated in a kiln where all the elements are fused
together. My art is mostly about nature. Meanwhile, I’m also exploring the endless possibilities of acrylics/ mixed media.


Beauty inspires me; magical mystical trees, the face of a horse, or an owl, or a person. The human figure in an idealized form, always with an element of beauty. I consciously choose to create something of beauty, it offsets the harshness of life. Please have a look at the Gallery to see what I do. I invite you to sign up to receive information about my art, events or special offers

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